The Esports Event



Tournament Rules


  1. The Itchy Trigger Finger tournament is open to PC users only.
  2. Each player must have a Steam account and their own version of PUBG. Players must play on the PUBG account that was provided during registration.
  3. Players may not share or lend their accounts to another player for the purpose of competing in this tournament.
  4. All rules listed by PUBG Corp in their Rules of Conduct apply to the Itchy Trigger Finger Tournament.
  5. Teams must play with a minimum of three players.
  6. If a player disconnects, the team should continue to play the rest of the game. The disconnected player can rejoin the match that the disconnect occurred in.
  7. If disconnections occur from multiple players within multiple teams, a restart may occur, which will be decided upon tournament staff.
  8. A game may be restarted due to exceptional circumstances, such as if a bug significantly affects multiple players’ ability to play, if wrong settings have been used or if there are network/power issues. This will be decided upon by the tournament staff.
  9. We expect all players to exhibit good sportsmanship and maintain respect for one another throughout the tournament.
  10. Any player found in violation or breach of these rules will result in penalties that are decided by the Itchy Trigger Finger team on a case-by-case basis.