Weapons Policy



ITF is Whangarei’s first pop culture expo, so we want to make it a safe and comfortable experience for everyone

Attending ITchy Trigger Finger means that you agree to follow all rules in regards to safety for everyone including yourself.  ITF staff and representatives may inspect any item that you bring to the event if they have valid safety concerns.  Because safety is paramount we will not hesitate to eject you from the event if you violate this weapons policy at any time.


No real weapons allowed – no exceptions, sorry.

Even if you have real permits to carry them we can't accept them into ITF. 

Please refer to the Crimes Act 1961 for more info


If you buy weapons at Itchy Trigger Finger 

All exhibitors stick to a R16 Weapons Customer Policy and will provide a sheet summarising this policy with all purchases. If you purchase any kind of weapon from us you must keep it sealed until you leave, as some of the weapons may violate this policy.



All realistic firearms must have a bright orange muzzle ring whether it be paint or fluro masking tape. This is purely as a safety precaution for travelling to and from the venue on foot. To help ease the minds of the public we would also ask that if in costume outside of the venue you keep all weapons holstered and sheathed



Any costume you wear is allowed as long as you keep it PG.  If you're worried that you may not be allowed in because you have too much skin exposed, just send us a photo and we'll let you know if it's a "Yay" or "Nay"



All armour is acceptable including metal plate however please make sure that all costumes have no sharp edges or anything that could catch on other peoples costumes or other attendees clothing and that there are no large spikes that are made from material that could harm anyone.


Bladed props

For safety we won't be allowing any metal bladed weapons both blunted and sharpened to be used at the event however all sensible non metal blade substitutes are acceptable.


Prop weapons must be checked first before entry to Itchy Trigger Finger

Submit your weapon or prop first before you enter.  If we feel any of your props or weapons violate this policy they will not be approved.  Prop checks will be at forum north entrance.  Once you are good to go we'll tag your weapon or prop so the other staff know that you are A OK.

If you are being careless with your prop or other attendees notify us it will be confiscated until you leave or you can leave it somewhere outside the venue. 


Prop restrictions

  • Prop weapons must not function and are purely asthetic

  • It can't be too long or heavy eg over 2 meters long or be over 5 kilos

  • No metal weapons

  • All prop bows can't have tight thread.  Loosey Goosey

  • All prop arrows must be non-metal, and must be glued to quiver or costume.