Cosplay Parade Whangarei

Cosplay Parade


Even if your tailoring skills are at level 1 or 85 - everyone is welcome to come and perform on stage at this years ITF cosplay parade. Would you like to show off your acting skills as well? You could perform a skit for the audience - and of course we'd love to see it as well 


A little bit of free fun for everyone! 



  • Nothing sharp or working weapons of any kind on stage 

  • No pointing or waving weapons at the audience.

  • No weapons grade acrobatics or simple running on stage  :)




OK: First thing when you get to Itchy Trigger Finger MAKE SURE to fill out the sign up sheet at the ITF info desk and if it's a group do it on one line please.  Give us all your relevant data, resistance is futile - Clearly with nice big keystrokes then download your entry number to your HDD and do not defrag.      Cool.

Get in first thing as we can't fit everything onto one hard drive and sorry latecomers we can't take anyone past a certain point as we have limited space   

In other words you wont get on stage without being on "The List"                  lol.


Before the Cosplay Parade starts, around 900secs (15mins)   :)

Make your way to the stage as we need to put you in order before we set you loose on the unsuspecting public and then we'll be able to see who you are before the competitions and won't run out of precious time     

Once the feeding frenzy commences everyone comes up onto the stage in order.  When it's your go,

Strut up to centre stage and release the inner acting lion. Samuel l Jackson your performance without the swearing and then freeze so everyone with optical sensors can capture the awesome memory you have gifted them.   Then get off the stage.   Game over.   respawn.




What makes this different to the contest?

1. No prizes soz as it's not a competition.

2. No restrictions apart from the rules as everyone entering the comp has made what they're wearing and that it's based on something that already exists eg: Deadpool

3. Enter what ever you want - whether you got it from aliexpress, arthur's, made it yourself, whatev's -it's all good.  :)


How long do I have before signups close?

1h:30m before the Cosplay Parade or when our list is at capacity. See the cosplay staff for more details on the day

Damn i'm too slow or tl;dr

Sozzles, if you're not on the list then paying the bouncer still won't get you in.


This is my lil girls/boys first show - can i go up with them?

Absolutely, let us know you're going up with them when you sign them up.


This is my superpendacular group: The infinty stones

Yes groups on stage are allowed.  Endorsed even, as they get through more people faster :D


Can you hold my (item) for me while I go up on stage? Please?

Sozzles no can do.  You can get a mate to hold onto them or pop them down before you pose then grab it again before you exit


Can I still go on stage even though my friends are dumb and forgot to add me on the form?

Yes. But you won't be introduced before you go on stage.  You suffer +5 Burn damage over 5 secs.




I forgot what number I am.  :I  Starting to freak out on the inside.

It's all good, just tackle one of the ITF cosplay peeps and we'll pass your number to you 

(no literal tackling).


There's an emergency and I can't be on stage now - 

Can you please let us know. Shot.


I want to express my character fully like doing 3 backwards flips and landing on my face because that's what he does.  

Yeah na, because if you break any of our rules you'll be asked to leave the stage.

Just being honest.

Please see above. 

Can we take photos even if we're not in the parade?

Yes but only from where you're sitting.  SITTING no standing - as you could block the view. Only media pass holders can shoot from the aisles.  If you're not a ITF media pass holder you will be asked to move and we don't want to embarress anyone.  That would be stink.