Cosplay Comp & Prizes

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Cosplay Prizes

Junior (5-12 year olds only)

Best             - Certificate  +  $100.00

Best Solo       - Certificate  +  Voucher   

Best Group      - Certificate  +  32 GB USB Stick  

Public Vote     - Certificate  +  Mini Drone


Best             - Certificate  +  $200.00

Best Solo       - Certificate  +  Sewing Machine   

Best Group      - Certificate  +  5 x LED Mirrors  

Public Vote     - Certificate  +  4TB HDD 



Best             - Certificate  +  $300.00

Best Solo       - Certificate  +  Sewing Machine   

Best Group      - Certificate  +  5 x LED Mirrors 

Public Vote     - Certificate  +   LED Mirror + 32 GB USB Stick + Sewing Machine



Best           - Certificate  +  $500.00

Best Solo      - Certificate  +  Sewing Machine & Voucher 

Best Group     - Certificate  +  Sewing Machine

Public Vote     - Certificate  +  55" 4k Smart T.V



Entries must be in by 11.59pm on the Sunday two weeks before the competition date. Last but not least - Your costume/s don’t need to be completed to submit your registration!




Can I bring a metal / functional / explosive / heavy wooden weapon to Itchy Trigger Finger?

NO. see the ITF Weapons Policy page


Do you make exceptions?

NO. Sozzles. Then we'd have to make them for everyone.


Do I have to pay for anything else apart from my ticket?

Only if you want to buy something from one of our friendly vendors or you're hungry :)

Even going to watch the speakers is included in the cost of your ticket.


Do I have to register just to turn up in cosplay?

Only if you intend on being in the competition or the parade


I want to cosplay, but i'm a bit shy....

Check out the Cosplay Whangarei facebook page and get to know some of the other cosplayers 


Can I take photos of the cosplayers at the event?

Please seek permission first as sometimes people just want to be left alone or they may want to pose before you take a snap.

If you feel anyone is being inappropriate towards you because you are in costume please let one of the staff know.