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Back in the 80's there were only a couple of places to go to get our gaming fix in Whangarei. Then consoles and PCs came out and the very social pastime of playing Spacey's became somewhat antisocial


Now more than ever our kids AND big kids, seem to be spending more and more time by themselves - and playing against others online is how they connect.  A lot of kids argue to their parents that they can make a living from YouTube videos, Twitch and playing games.


We have a massive gaming community here in Whangarei but with very little outlet to express it. Most of the time we have to end up traveling to Auckland for the big expo’s.


So that got us thinking - why doesn't Whangarei have one big expo of its own? We have the means so let's make it happen! So we (Tony and Shane) got together to build something fun for our kids to do in the holidays and we named it itchy trigger finger.

The whole event is being live streamed at Forum North.


We're having cosplay, Esports and tabletop gaming with some of Whangarei’s best people in their Industries pitching in to help out because they realise just how big esports and pop culture is.


Our dream is to make that spark of wonder ignite inside everyone that comes through the doors.

We can’t wait to see you at our event!


If you have the expertise or have contacts that you think could improve our event, please let us know you can contact us here


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